Friday, May 24, 2024

HENSOLDT, Rafael & Diehl Defence Forge Alliance Around Cutting-Edge SPICE™ 250 ER System

By Staff Correspondent

In a recent announcement, HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Limited., Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG declared a teaming agreement centred around the modular SPICE™ 250 ER (Extended Range) system. The deal was formally agreed upon during a ceremony at the Paris Air Show at Diehl Defence’s booth in Le Bourget.

Drawing on a history of successful ventures, the agreement underscores an ambitious aim to equip the German Luftwaffe with state-of-the-art technology. The deal shines a spotlight on HENSOLDT’s role in enhancing the Eurofighter EK and the broader LuWES programme, particularly in regard to the SPICE 250 ER solution. The Eurofighter EK programme, presently under development, is slated to supersede the Tornado Eloka electronic warfare (EW) platforms that the German Luftwaffe currently operates. Through this offering, Diehl Defence is edging closer to becoming the principal contractor for airborne ammunition for the German Luftwaffe.

This joint endeavour follows previous RAFAEL and Diehl Defence agreements concerning the SPICE Family of munitions. Notably, RAFAEL’s agreement with HENSOLDT in the EW realm, encompassing the highly esteemed Sky Shield/Kalaetron Wideband Electronic Attack and Escort Jamming Pod, underlines this tripartite alliance’s growing expertise and synergy. The trio collectively offers comprehensive capabilities to meet existing and future demands concerning stand-off and EW capabilities.

The backbone of the collaboration, RAFAEL’s SPICE 250 ER system, has its roots in the battle-tested SPICE Family of highly automated human-in-the-loop air-to-surface systems. A turbojet engine propels the SPICE 250 ER, allowing it to operate at extended stand-off ranges and to grapple with today’s long-range air defence threats.

The modularity of the SPICE 250 ER system permits enhanced payloads by substituting the conventional warhead, facilitating the suppression of enemy air defence (SEAD) capabilities. Furthermore, the SPICE 250 ER incorporates standardised electrical and physical interfaces prevalent across the SPICE Family, optimising platform integration and curtailing the life cycle cost.

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