Sunday, July 14, 2024

At Le Bourget, Prayers For The Titan

By Bikram Vohra

This is not the time for clever analyses and half-baked stories. The aviation sector knows how damaging it is to second-guess mechanical failure. For now, cheap shots are just that…cheap shots. Time for the media to be sensitive.

All over the world, people across the board are praying for the rescue of the Titan and its five adventurers.

For the aviation world and aerospace, and every part of the intermodal transportation industry globally, the thirst for curiosity comes with a caveat. You flirt with death, you courageous few who extend the boundaries of human endeavour.

We, in aviation, know only too well the caprice of fate and the mockery of failsafe. In every chalet and every hall, there is a quietness and a flicker of hope that the missing sub will be found in the waters before the damn oxygen runs out. Needles lost in haystacks have been found.

Our thoughts are with people so forged in the crucible of pure pioneering courage, these Earharts and Lindberghs and Armstrongs and those that we lost on the way to the skies and the stars.

One small correction overlooked, one mistake, one error of judgement, and tragedy waits in the wings.

Today, Paris is at the centre of the aviation world and everyone waits feverishly for the good news at Le Bourget.

In Dubai, the vigil at the home of billionaire Hamish Harding is heartbreaking, and a whole nation holds hands in the hope that a collective prayer will be heard. For him and Pakistani father and son Shahazada and Suleman Dawood, for Chris Stockton and Paul Henry, we are fervent and as supportive as we can be.

This is exactly the grim impasse that brings the world together and, even in adversity, provides a certain closeness of willpower.

At Le Bourget today, as the sun goes down, we fold our hands and ask for deliverance from this massively hurtful situation.

Find them to make the world a happier place and the families from the agony.

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