Thursday, June 13, 2024

Global Debut: Leonardo Unveils Enhanced Kronos Grand Mobile High Power Radar At Paris Air Show

By Staff Correspondent

Leonardo, a leading Italian defence technology company, introduced its latest innovation, the Kronos Grand Mobile High Power (GMHP) radar, at the Paris Air Show. Developed as an upgraded version of the renowned Kronos radar family, the Kronos GMHP showcases Leonardo’s commitment to meeting the increasing demand for advanced surveillance and protection capabilities against air and missile threats.

Equipped with cutting-edge Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology, the Kronos GMHP radar is a versatile multi-function, multi-mission C-band system that excels in both land and coastal environments. Its primary objective is to detect and precisely track ballistic missiles, even in complex and highly disrupted conditions, while also offering target designation and missile guidance capabilities. Boasting a compact design, the radar ensures high tactical mobility, swift deployment, and an impressive aerial surveillance range of over 300 kilometers.

A notable feature of the Kronos GMHP is its utilisation of gallium nitride (GaN) components, developed in-house at Leonardo’s state-of-the-art foundry. These GaN components, integrated into thousands of Transmit Receive Modules (TRMs) comprising the antenna, enhance the radar’s power and reliability, delivering superior performance.

The Greek Air Force recently selected the Kronos GMHP radar as its primary sensor for the NATO missile test range located in Crete. Italy has also chosen the system as the surveillance and engagement radar for its version of the latest-generation SAMP/T surface-to-air missile system, developed by the Eurosam consortium (MBDA 66.6% – Thales Group 33.3%).

The Kronos radar family, of which the Kronos GMHP is a member, is designed to operate in both land and sea domains. Available in fixed and mobile versions, these radars are capable of simultaneous multifunction operations and can fulfill various types of operational missions. Many countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and South America have already integrated Kronos radars as the central sensor within their Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) architectures. With over 40 Kronos radars in service worldwide, Leonardo’s innovative solutions continue to play a pivotal role in advancing air and missile defense capabilities globally.

As the Paris Air Show continues to showcase the latest advancements in the global defence sector, Leonardo’s unveiling of the Kronos GMHP radar managed to draw a crowd.

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