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Pushing The Boundaries & Accessing The Inaccessible: 65th Raising Day BRO

By Chaitali Bag

Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane stressed the importance of adopting new technology and methods for speedier project completion at the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) 65th Raising Day. With the Shinkun La Tunnel, the BRO will build the world’s tallest tunnel. The New Delhi ceremony emphasized the BRO’s accomplishment in difficult terrain and weather, particularly its contribution.

Since automation and mechanization would be crucial to the BRO’s future success, Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane has pushed for its incorporation of cutting-edge technology and methods to expedite project completion. According to a statement from the defence ministry, the 4.10-kilometer Shinkun La Tunnel will shortly be started by the BRO. Upon completion, this tunnel will surpass the Chinese Mila Tunnel, which stands at 15,590 feet, to become the tallest tunnel in the world at 15,800 feet.

The defence secretary presided over an event that was held at the Manekshaw Centre in New Delhi to commemorate the occasion. He spoke highly of the Border Road Organisation, saying that it had done an excellent job while operating in hostile environments and extreme weather.

Aramane also mentioned the important role that BRO members played in the rescue and relief operations during the Silkyara tunnel collapse and the floods in Sikkim. According to him, the group will be instrumental in the Vibrant Villages Programme, which plans to completely renovate several border towns.

In addition to guaranteeing the socioeconomic advancement of the remote areas, Aramane hailed the BRO as an “extremely crucial” organization that is significantly contributing to national security via its border infrastructure initiatives.

He was quite confident that the ‘Karmayogis’ would keep ensuring record-time border infrastructure construction and praised the BRO for finishing the projects on schedule.

Aramane urged the BRO to employ cutting-edge tech to speed up project completion, cut down on human labour, and maximize efficiency. He predicted that the BRO’s future success would depend heavily on automation and mechanization.

The Border Road Organisation has grown from its humble beginnings in 1960 with only two projects, Project Tusker (now Vartak) in the east and Project Beacon in the north, into a thriving organization with 18 projects in 11 states and 3 Union Territories. According to the statement, it has now proven itself to be the top infrastructure building agency in high-altitude, tough, snow-bound regions.

Along the northern and western boundaries, the BRO builds and maintains roads at altitudes between 9,000 and 19,000 feet, mainly to satisfy the strategic needs of the military troops.

Along India’s borders and in friendly countries like Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, it has built more than 62,214 km of roads, 1,005 bridges, seven tunnels, and 21 airfields in over 60 years, helping the country achieve its strategic goals.

Lieutenant General Raghu Srinivasan, the Director General of the BRO, greeted members of every position within the institution. He said that the BRO’s extensive presence across India is evidence of its dedication to growth, connectivity, and national security.

According to Lt Gen Srinivasan, the motto “In the Silence of Our Great Mountains – Work Speaks” encapsulates the organization’s commitment, tenacity, and influence on the lives of individuals living in the most inaccessible parts of the nation.

‘Connecting Places Connecting People’ and leaving a legacy of growth, prosperity, and togetherness were his enduring exhortations, and he urged all ranks to reaffirm the vow.

As part of the ceremony, the defence secretary unveiled a book about Sela Tunnel and many others, including “Oonchin Sadaken,” “Path Pradarshak,” and “Path Vikas,” according to a statement from the ministry.

He congratulated the organization’s female successes and presented “Excellence Awards” to BRO staff for 2023–24. Additionally, the statement congratulated the casual wage labourers who were involved in the Sela Tunnel and the Sikkim flood relief efforts.

The BRO finished 125 infrastructure projects with a combined value of 3,611 crore Indian rupees in 2023–24. Among these projects is the Arunachal Pradesh-based Sela Tunnel on the Balipara-Chardwar-Tawang Road. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dedicated the tunnel to the nation virtually from Itanagar.

The BRO reached another landmark in its quest for excellence with the completion of two major airfield projects, Bagdogra and Barrackpore. Recently, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh laid the foundation stone for the Mudh Airfield Project. The BRO’s goal is to finish the project in under two working seasons.

An “exponential surge” in funding over the past three years has allowed the BRO to make tremendous strides in its capacity and influence. In a statement, the ministry credited the organization’s enhanced operational preparedness, accelerated construction of important infrastructure, and completion of vital projects made possible by the additional budgetary support.

The BRO has been a trailblazer in the fight for gender parity and inclusion, providing women with important positions and chances. Important initiatives in eastern Ladakh are being led by officers such as Col Ponung Doming. Nikita Chaudhary, Assistant Executive Engineer (Civ), were instrumental in seeing the Sela Tunnel Project through to a successful conclusion.

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