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Introducing the Fashion Forward Crew Uniforms by Air India: A Revolution in In-Flight Fashion

By Staff Correspondent

Here we are in the era of inflight fashion, with the much-anticipated debut of Air India’s new assortment of uniforms for cabin and cockpit workers.

The new uniforms showcase a rainbow of hues and classic designs created by Manish Malhotra, an acclaimed Indian couturier with an atelier in Mumbai. Style, grace, and comfort from the modern day coexist in perfect harmony with the collection’s illustrious Indian heritage and aesthetics.

Air India’s first Airbus A350 will enter service in the coming months, marking the beginning of a gradual transition to the new uniforms.

The innovative ensemble designed by Manish Malhotra will write an exciting new chapter for Air India’s future narrative, according to Campbell Wilson, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Air India. “Air India’s crew uniforms are among the world’s most storied in aviation history,” Wilson added. Our new brand, service ideals, and goal of setting new milestones in global aviation are encapsulated wonderfully by it.

Malhotra’s interpretation of contemporary Indian fashion harmonises with Air India’s newly revealed worldwide brand identity as the embodiment of a stronger, more advanced, and revitalised India.

A new Air India trademark emblem, the Vista, and Indian heritage architecture, known as jharokha, are reflected in the intricate patterns of the female cabin crew’s ready-to-wear ombré saree, which is complemented with a comfy shirt and jacket. With the opportunity to pair the ready-to-wear sarees with comfortable trousers, female cabin crew members have more freedom to express their individuality while still looking stylish in an East-meets-West approach.

The senior female cabin crew will be dressed in ombré sarees ranging from eggplant to burgundy, along with aubergine blazers, creating an air of refined power. On the other hand, junior female cabin staff will reflect vitality and youth in their red blazers and ombré sarees that range from crimson to purple.

I am privileged to have been selected to create the uniforms for Air India,” Manish Malhotra expressed. Contributing to the national flag-bearer and showcasing the grace and charisma of Indian fashion is an honour. I strove to design chic, contemporary uniforms that pay homage to India’s rich cultural heritage without sacrificing style. With the use of traditional Indian colours, my intention is that these uniforms will serve to both inspire pride within the workers and produce an impression on guests that embodies the welcoming nature of India.

Reflecting his enduring love for traditional dress and gradients, Malhotra is known for his distinctive technique of ombrés. The new uniforms pay tribute to India’s rich cultural past with a colour scheme that includes deep red, burgundy, aubergine, and hints of gold.

The cabin crew outfits, which are designed to accommodate both men and women, are functional and allow them to move freely while doing their tasks in the air. Members of Air India’s cabin crew and the In-flight Services team worked closely together to create the new uniform designs; the latter group also tested the designs extensively.

Classic black double-breasted suits with Vista-inspired prints are worn by the cockpit crew as a show of professionalism, solemnity, and the enduring nature of the flying vocation.

With each stride, you can feel the elegance and poise that permeate Air India’s new wardrobe thanks to Malhotra’s carefully selected footwear that combines form and function. As for the cabin crew’s footwear, the ladies will be seen in burgundy and black block heels, while the gentlemen will be seen in black brogues. Pearl earrings and sling bags are part of the attire for the female cabin staff.

There has been a lot of attention on Air India recently. We have faith that the new staff costumes will live up to the elevated standards, boldly showcasing the finest qualities of Indian hospitality and tradition. The new Air India uniforms would be easily identifiable to travellers on every continent,” Campbell Wilson stated.

The outfits that Malhotra painstakingly designed for the flight attendants, pilots, ground crew, engineers, and security detailers of Air India will be unveiled at the proper time.

These new uniforms have been meticulously designed and manufactured with an emphasis on sustainability and quality. We are glad to say that all of our fabrics and outfits are sourced and tailored in India.

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