Wednesday, September 27, 2023

DIAL Installs World-Class Integrated Cart System (ICS) For Efficient Baggage Handling At New Terminal 1

By Staff Correspondent

Delhi International Airport Limited is installing a world-class Integrated Cart System (ICS) for baggage handling in the new Terminal 1. The ICS is being introduced and installed by DIAL for the first time in India at Terminal 1 (T1) of Delhi Airport.

The new baggage handling system will bring uniformity to the baggage handling process and help in enabling a more reliable operation at a higher speed with better throughput. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled Integrated Cart system ensures error-less baggage sorting.

Each baggage stays entirely within its carrier tray (cart) confines throughout the transportation process – from check-in islands to baggage make-up area. This significantly reduces the risk of loss and damage to baggage and disruption to the system due to the strap or other baggage related causes.

The highly automated and complex system of ICS also enhances passengers’ experience by ensuring that the right baggage reaches the right flight seamlessly and safely soon after a passenger hands over its baggage.

The system screening of hold baggage adds an extra layer of tracking and security. The ICS ensures that only security-cleared baggage are routed to their respective destinations seamlessly and safely.

The new hi-tech system will operate at 2.1 metres per second and sort up to 6,000 bags per hour. The existing conveyor system, i.e. traditional belt system, operates at a 0.5 metres per second speed.

The ICS system, which comes with a wide range of operating speeds based on requirements, can operate at up to 7 metres per second. This enhances the Baggage handling system’s operational capacity compared to the traditional method.

Some of the benefits of the Integrated Cart System (ICS) over the conventional baggage handling system are as follows:

  • It is a high speed and high capacity baggage handling system
  • It gives more excellent system reliability and availability
  • It minimizes baggage mishandling rate and enhances connection timings
  • It has a compact design and flexible configuration
  • It is safe to operate, scalable and easy to maintain
  • It consumes less energy

“Delhi Airport is committed to providing a world-class experience to the flyers. The new high-speed Integrated Cart System-based baggage handling facility at T1 will help improve our baggage handling efficiency and overall service towards airlines and passengers. This will optimize the daily baggage operation for the airport and airlines, but it also means safety to passengers’ baggage, thus enhancing performance for both passengers and airlines,” said Mr Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO-DIAL. 

Some of the salient features of baggage handling system at new Terminal 1:

  • Its baggage throughput capacity will be 6,000 bags/hr.
  • It will have 10 check-in Rows at Departure and 75 Check-in counters
  • It will have 36 full-scale Self Bag Drop (SBDs) for check-in
  • The terminal will have 3,000 meters of Conveyor & Tray lines.
  • 10 inline CT (Computer Tomography) and Dual-view X-Ray machines.
  • 02 Lifts for handling oversized bags. 


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