Friday, May 24, 2024

Fly91 Eyes November Launch As Last-Mile Carrier; Engages In Talks With Domestic & International Partners

By Staff Correspondent

Indian aviation startup Fly91, based in Goa Dabolim, is positioning itself as a last-mile carrier, targeting underserved smaller cities within the country, according to the Chief Executive Officer, Manoj Chacko. Chacko has outlined Fly91’s strategic alignment with other carriers, aiming to “co-exist” and connect tier-two and tier-three cities with substantial growth potential.

The CEO confirmed that talks were underway with two domestic airlines, low-cost and full-service airlines, and three international carriers. The discussions focus on interline partnerships that would enable international airlines to tap into the network of cities Fly91 aims to serve.

Earlier this year, when announcing the airline’s inception, Chacko underlined the “clear opportunity” to penetrate markets underserved by current carriers, highlighting his intent to build Fly91 as a last-mile carrier. The company plans to initiate operations with two ATR72-600s, expanding to six within the first year and focusing on short-haul segments of 60 to 90 minutes.

Though the air operator’s certificate is still pending, Fly91 secured a no-objection certificate from India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in April and ten routes under India’s UDAN Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) last month.

The anticipated launch in November marks an assertive entry into India’s burgeoning aviation market, aligning with the government’s efforts to enhance regional connectivity. If successful, Fly91’s approach could offer a new model for connecting India’s various economic hubs, boosting trade, tourism, and overall economic growth.

This endeavour represents a significant step towards democratising air travel within India, providing more accessible connections between major cities and smaller urban areas. As international airlines express keen interest in aligning with Fly91, the startup’s strategy may contribute to a reshaped landscape in Indian aviation, enabling broader access to global markets.

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