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Big Bang Boom Solutions Launches Naval Research & Development Centre In Chennai: Upping The Ante In Innovation

By Staff Correspondent

Chennai-based start-up Big Bang Boom Solutions has taken a momentous leap forward in defence technology by unveiling its state-of-the-art Naval Research and Development Centre (NRDC) in the city. The esteemed event was graced by former Navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh, underscoring the strategic significance of this development in the defence and technology sectors.

Founded in 2018 by visionaries Ramaswamy Shivaraman and Praveen Dwarakanath, Big Bang Boom Solutions has emerged as a trailblazer in cutting-edge defence solutions. The company’s expertise spans various advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), electronics, electric propulsion, green propulsion technology, UAV technology, and data security. Big Bang Boom Solutions has earned a reputation as a frontrunner in the competitive defence industry with a global presence and clientele in the UK, Israel, Finland, and Australia.

The NRDC represents a pivotal hub for groundbreaking research and development projects in critical areas such as passive naval deterrence, electronic warfare systems, sensor-enabled fire detection and suppression, oil spill containment, and more. The state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure at the centre provide Big Bang Boom Solutions with the resources needed to drive pioneering advancements in defence technology.

Among the company’s flagship products is its anti-drone defence system, which addresses the escalating threat of drones in modern warfare. Additionally, its see-through armour, designed to provide unparalleled situational awareness inside battle tanks, has garnered widespread acclaim within the defence community. The company’s customized solutions, such as thermal integrated caged drones for surveillance, nano drones, and AI-assisted drone interceptors, further highlight its prowess in cutting-edge technologies.

With the inauguration of the NRDC, Big Bang Boom Solutions aims to elevate its product offerings to the armed forces in India and beyond. “The state-of-the-art facility and infrastructure will enable us to augment the value of our products and services, solidifying our leadership position in the defence technology arena,” remarked Mr Shivaraman, Director & CTO of Big Bang Boom Solutions, in a press release.

The company has also received significant support from investors, with a successful funding round in 2020 raised ₹11 crores, led by Mumbai Angels and other angel investor networks, including Keiretsu Forum, Udtara Ventures, PitchRight Ventures, and high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). This underscores the confidence and recognition bestowed upon Big Bang Boom Solutions as a pioneering force in the defence technology industry.

The inauguration of the NRDC by Big Bang Boom Solutions marks a significant milestone in India’s defence technology evolution. The company’s unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technologies such as AI, electronics, and propulsion, coupled with its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, positions it as a formidable player in the global defence industry. With the establishment of the new research and development centre, Big Bang Boom Solutions is primed to spearhead revolutionary advancements in defence technology, contributing to the modernisation of armed forces and enhancing national security.

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