Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Banglore-Based Space-Tech Company Pixxel Will Provide Hyperspectral Capabilities To US National Reconnaissance Office

By Staff Correspondent

Pixxel Space Technologies, a Bangalore-based space technology company, has secured a five-year contract with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Commercial Systems Program Office (CSPO) to provide commercial hyperspectral capabilities. As part of the contract, Pixxel will offer technical hyperspectral imagery (HSI) remote sensing capabilities through simulation, data evaluation, and modelling using its on-orbit pathfinder systems and future HSI constellations.

Pixxel’s imaging capabilities will be demonstrated through product dissemination, collection, end-to-end tasking, and responding to delivery requests and ad-hoc product ordering from the NRO and its partners. The company’s CEO, Awais Ahmed, expressed his excitement about partnering with NRO and stated that Pixxel is fully committed to providing its imaging capabilities to the organization, its partners, and the US geospatial intelligence community.

Pixxel looks forward to collaborating with NRO CSPO and its esteemed partners, Rochester Institute Technology (RIT) Center for Imaging Science (CIS), Riverside Research, and Labsphere, to advance this promising new space-based commercial remote sensing technology. Hyperspectral imaging, a type of imaging technology that captures and processes information from across the electromagnetic spectrum, has several remote sensing capabilities that can be used for various applications, including environmental monitoring, mineral exploration, and military surveillance.

The NRO is responsible for developing and operating reconnaissance satellites for the United States government. It has collaborated with several commercial companies to develop and operate commercial satellite systems, such as DigitalGlobe, Maxar Technologies, and Planet. The NRO’s collaboration with commercial companies allows it to leverage private sector investment in satellite technology and use its capabilities and technologies to support national security objectives.

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