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AUSA 2022 – RAFAEL’s IRON BEAM High Energy Laser Weapon System Will Be Featured For The 1st Time

By Staff Correspondent

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is participating in AUSA 2022, the Association of the US Army’s annual conference, in Washington, D.C. from October 10-12, 2022. For the first time, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and its RAFAEL USA subsidiary will be presenting the IRON BEAM High Energy Laser Weapon System (HELWS).

RAFAEL’s IRON BEAM is a 100kW class High Energy Laser Weapon System (HELWS) is the first laser system of its kind to have been documented intercepting a range of aerial threats. It is on track to become the first operational laser-based defense system that effectively intercepts a wide spectrum of threats – including RAM and UAVs as well as swarms of mini-UAVs – with pinpoint accuracy from a range of a few hundred yards to up to several miles. IRON BEAM is designed to complement the world-renowned IRON DOME air defense system, bolstering RAFAEL’s multi-layered defense portfolio. 

This year at AUSA 2022 RAFAEL USA’s display will feature three main pillars of warfare: multi-layered air defense, long range precision fires and ground maneuver supporting capabilities.  

Multi-Layered Air Defense

In the multi-layered defense arena in addition to the IRON BEAM, RAFAEL will present the IRON DOME Air Defense System, with over 4,000 combat interceptions and a success rate of 90%. The Iron Dome missile defense system is a proven multi-mission system that provides a combat-proven defense against rockets, artillery, and mortars (C-RAM), aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, PGMs, and cruise missiles. Also known in the US as SKY HUNTER, the ground-based IRON DOME detects and assesses incoming threats allowing for precise and life-saving interceptions. Extending to the medium range layer of defense, RAFAEL will present the STUNNER a lethal hit-to-kill air defense interceptor countering long-range artillery rockets (LRAR), short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM), cruise missiles (CM) and traditional air defense threats. Designed for “plug and play” insertion into fielded air and missile defense systems, Stunner is easily integrated into a variety of engagement scenarios. As part of Rafael’s David’s Sling Weapon System, Stunner provides optimum homeland protection and forward deployed forces. 

Long Range Precision Fires 

RAFAEL USA will be showcasing a range of defense system that have already proven their capabilities and ability to support the U.S. warfighter, including the SPIKE Missile Family such as the SPIKE NLOS; this system is under contract as Long-Range Precision Fires capability for the AH64E Rotary fleet. The SPIKE MISSILE Family is operated by some 39 nations including 19 NATO members. The SPIKE LR2 which is also in use by NATO forces can fulfil the requirements of the U.S. Army’s Close Combat Missile System-Heavy (CCMS-H) operational need. The entire SPIKE Family will be on display including the SPIKE FIREFLY loitering munition and the light shoulder launched SPIKE SR.

Ground Maneuver Supporting Capabilities 

RAFAEL USA will be showcasing the TROPHY Active Protective System (APS) which has already saved lives in the field of battle and has been integrated on the U.S. Abrams Tank. RAFAEL USA through its various subsidiaries already locally manufacture significant parts of TROPHY APS in the U.S. Alongside the TROPHY, RAFAEL will present together with its partners OSHKOSH Defense & Pratt and Miller the 30 mm Medium Caliber Weapon System (MCWS) which is integrated onto the U.S. Army’s Stryker in the framework of a US Army program to up-gun the military’s combat vehicle. As part of this program several MCWS were already supplied and integrated to the Stryker platforms. 

RAFAEL’s participation in AUSA serves to present the company’s vision and achievements in supporting US operations by broadening and strengthening its industrial US Footprint. RAFAEL USA will be for the first time exhibiting together with the recently acquired subsidiary PVP Advanced EO Systems, Inc. (PVPAEO) a California based Electrooptical company which was acquired by RAFAEL USA in June 2022. The acquisition of this specialized electro-optic systems manufacturer continues a large period of growth for RAFAEL USA, which includes: the granting of classified clearance to subsidiary RSGS (Rafael Systems Global Sustainment) earlier this year; the expansion of its Orlando based manufacturing subsidiary (C4ATS), which specializes in assembly and procurement; and the establishment up of R2S a joint venture with Raytheon Technologies specializing in manufacturing and testing of Air defense interceptors.


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