Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Indigenous Defence Start-Up ‘Redon Systems’ Creates ‘Barrel-Launched Loitering Munition System’

By Staff Correspondent

In yet another boost by Indian Defence Start-Ups to ‘Make-in-India’ Redon Systems Private Limited has developed a Barrel-Launched Loitering Munition system capable of carrying out missions in Semi-Autonomous or Autonomous modes even in GPS-denied environments.

This Barrel-Launched Loitering Munition system can carry a payload of 1.5 kilograms at a service ceiling of 4,000 meters and has a strike radius of 30 kilometres to target enemy hideouts, Vehicles, and Fuel and ammunition dumps. It features Multi-Barrel Launch capability, Encrypted Communications with real-time video transmission, and it can also be launched in swarms to overwhelm enemy air defences.

Some of the keys of the drone are that it has a 1.5 Kg payload excluding electronics and optics, encrypted communications with real-time Video transmission, works in GPS Denied environments, multi barrel launch capability, 4000m operational height, from -20 to 50-degree celsius operating temperature, 30 km strike radius and15 min setup time.

The software platform is object identification and tracking, Semi-Autonomous and Autonomous modes of operation, real-time relay of GPS coordinates of targets to the Ground Station and Swarm capability.


Space Warfare & Defence: Mission DefSpace

"India has to be a ‘technology leader’, rather than a follower. Innovation, rather than indigenisation, is the need of the hour," writes Mayank Aggarwal, Member-Secretary, Mission DefSpace Advisory Team & Program Executive, iDEX-DIO
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