Sunday, June 23, 2024

New Goa International Airport Successfully Completes RNP Procedure Today

By Staff Correspondent

GMR Goa International Airport Limited (GGIAL), a subsidiary of GMR Airports Limited (GAL), has successfully completed RNP (Required Navigation Performance) procedure for both approaches – 10 & 28 – of the newly built Runway at the upcoming New Goa International Airport, today.

An Airbus 320 aircraft from Indigo Airlines equipped with RNP equipment tested and validated RNP for its accuracy and flyability.

RNP is a family of navigation specifications under Performance Based Navigation (PBN) which permit the operation of aircraft along a precise flight path with a high level of accuracy and the ability to determine aircraft position with both precision and integrity. The addition of RNP radius to fix arrivals, approaches, and departures increases airspace capacity by shortening the approach and departure paths.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO-GGIAL, Mr. R. V. Sheshan said, “Today, we have successfully completed the Required Navigation Performance Procedure at the upcoming New Goa International Airport. RNP approach ensures integrity & accuracy and helps an aircraft to follow specific paths using board equipment. This procedure not only offers safety benefits by means of its precision and accuracy, but it also enhances operational efficiency by minimising multiple step-downs, and inaccurate circling approaches etc.

As an airport operator, GGIAL is working to make New Goa International Airport, the airport of choice for airlines, passengers and all stakeholders, by unlocking the true potential of Goa. New Goa International Airport will offer a plethora of employment and tourism opportunities promoting socio-economic development in Goa.”

Once the RNP procedure is drawn for a particular runway of an aerodrome, it needs to be tested and validated for its accuracy and flyability through simulator and actual aircraft trials. During this process, the defined flight path is tested by flying an aircraft equipped with RNP equipment, in accordance with the procedure developed. Upon successful validation and approval, the procedures are published and promulgated for use by all airlines.

Validating of such procedures by an aircraft at a greenfield airport needs immense amount of ground work in terms of planning, preparation, readiness, testing and precision execution. With this successful RNP flight our team at the New Goa International Airport has achieved a very important milestone towards commissioning of airport.


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