Sunday, July 14, 2024

India’s Civil Aviation: A Key Driver for National Economic Growth

By Staff Correspondent 

India’s civil aviation sector is increasingly being recognized as a pivotal force in unlocking the nation’s economic potential, according to Vumlunmang Vualnam, Secretary at the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Speaking at a promotional roadshow for the forthcoming Wings India 2024 event, Vualnam highlighted the strategic importance of the industry.

“India’s civil aviation sector is not just a matter of national pride but is an essential connector across domestic and international frontiers. It stands as a critical driver for economic growth, drawing in global businesses and tourists alike. In the backdrop of a flourishing economy, rising incomes, enabling policies, and intense competition amongst carriers, we are witnessing a promising growth trajectory in this sector,” he elucidated.

Vualnam emphasised the rapid development of airport and air navigation infrastructure as a key catalyst for the industry’s ascent, underlining India’s emergence as a new global power as it approaches its centenary. “Our commitment to infrastructure development is unwavering, extending to every corner of the nation to ensure equitable growth and prosperity,” he added.

The Secretary also highlighted recent significant developments, including the historic purchase of 470 aircraft by Air India and 500 aircraft by IndiGo Airlines, placing India firmly on the global civil aviation map and establishing the country as an attractive destination for international investments.

Scheduled to take place from 18 January to 21 at Begumpet Airport, Hyderabad, Wings India 2024 is poised to be Asia’s premier event in civil aviation. Vualnam described the event as a “unique platform, in tune with the ever-evolving dynamics of the aviation sector.”

“This gathering transcends the realms of business acquisitions, investments, and policy formulation. It’s about building regional and global connections and creating partnerships across borders and continents. In aviation, we believe that the sky is the limit, and the potential and opportunities within the aviation sector are indeed limitless,” Vualnam concluded, underscoring the sector’s vital role in India’s economic future.

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