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By Tanya Altmann

Underwater military operations are complex, challenging, and fraught with risk. To be successful in such an environment, real-time situational awareness is critical. The ability to monitor and interpret the operational environment surrounding the submarine is key to making informed decisions that are crucial to the safety of both ship and crew.

HENSOLDT, a world leader in submarine sensor solutions for defence and security applications, has developed a cutting-edge product that provides superior situational awareness for submarine operations: OctoEye360.

“OctoEye360 is an innovative optronic system that delivers a 360° continual panoramic view of the operational environment around the submarine in real-time. It is a staring, non-rotating system that provides high-resolution visual and infrared imaging, allowing operators to simultaneously detect and track multiple contacts of interest within the entire critical area around the vessel, in all weather and light conditions. The system is particularly useful in highly cluttered environments,” says Tanya Altmann, Head of Optronics & Land Solutions.

Combining the unprecedented level of situational awareness provided by OctoEye360, with the latest sensor technology used in optronic mast systems such as OMS 150 and OMS 300, this HENSOLDT solution provides a truly comprehensive picture of the tactical environment. It empowers operators to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, enhancing safety and improving mission success.

Networking these products results in an integrated HENSOLDT sensor suite which is able to conduct surveillance in the maritime environment at all ranges and within a broad frequency spectrum, meeting the needs of future submarines operations. The search optronic mast OMS 150 includes visible, low light level, shortwave and medium wave infrared, providing superior imaging and detection capabilities over a wide range of spectrums. The attack optronic mast OMS 300 is designed to minimise radar and visible signatures, in order to achieve maximum stealth, while still providing outstanding optical performance. At the same time, the panoramic optronic sensor OctoEye360 guarantees situational awareness of the immediate surroundings.

The integration of artificial intelligence within this sensor suite enhances the user’s ability to identify and classify objects of interest, supporting timely and accurate decision-making. These new features are particularly important in the context of modern naval warfare, where the speed of action is critical.

“The combination of OctoEye360, OMS 150, OMS 300, and AI technologies is an example of the disruptive innovations being developed at HENSOLDT, aimed at giving our customers a crucial edge in maritime operations. By providing the highest level of situational awareness, they support the safety and effectiveness of our military personnel and submarines,” explains Tanya Altmann.

The benefits of this networked configuration are numerous. The integrated submarine solution reduces the risk of collisions, improves target detection, supports timely classification, and increases the speed and accuracy of decision-making. Additionally, the sensor network also provides comprehensive records for post-mission analysis and training.

The next opportunity to learn more about HENSOLDT’s submarine solutions directly from our specialists, is at this year’s UDT in Rostock, Germany. To organise a meet and greet in advance, contact us at

Tanya Altmann is the Head of Optronics & Land Solutions at HENSOLDT 

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