Wednesday, October 4, 2023

MARSS Debuts Advanced AI-Driven Interceptor For UK’s Defence Sector

By Staff Correspondent

MARSS, a leading defence and security technology firm, has launched its innovative UAS countermeasure, the Interceptor-MR (Medium Range), targeting the UK market. This release comes as a strategic move to counter the growing threat of drones, given the geopolitical developments.

Initially showcased in 2022 at the World Defense Show, this AI-powered Interceptor-MR has seen notable enhancements since its inception. It is now fashioned to combat Class 1 and 2 drones, covering a range of over 5km. Notably, its design positions it as a smart and economical substitute to short-range missiles in the burgeoning endeavour to neutralise adversarial drones.

The reengineered model touts enhanced aerodynamics, a more compact build, and has proven its mettle against diverse drone types both domestically and internationally, notably against nimble, high-speed targets.

Stephen Scott, MARSS’ Defence R&D Head, remarked, “The intent was to engineer a sophisticated yet affordable solution to combat drones over considerable distances. With the revamped Interceptor-MR, we’ve not only met but exceeded our benchmarks, carving a niche in the CUAS domain.”

Highlighting the escalating drone threats witnessed in the ongoing Russian-Ukraine conflict, Scott stressed the importance of robust countermeasures to safeguard individuals, infrastructure, and assets.

The Interceptor-MR’s deployment mechanism has undergone a complete overhaul. The sturdier design, fortified to endure severe environmental conditions, now integrates an electromagnetic catapult, eliminating the need for intricate hydraulic systems.

Expressing satisfaction over the product’s test outcomes, Scott revealed plans to showcase this advanced system to potential clients soon, eyeing a full-scale roll-out next year after obtaining requisite accreditations.

Ensuring safety remains paramount for MARSS; the Interceptor-MR negates the use of explosives or jet fuel, making it viable for both military and civilian applications.

Attendees at DSEI can acquaint themselves with this advanced technology at MARSS’ stand, H1-680, and also delve into the capabilities of their NiDAR system.

Founded in 2005, MARSS stands as a pioneer in global defence technology, with a legacy exceeding a decade and a half, partnering with the likes of the EU, NATO, and various security establishments. The firm is committed to harnessing state-of-the-art technology to fortify defence against contemporary challenges. Their product suite encompasses a range of advanced defence solutions, from NiDAR series to MOBtronic™ and INTERCEPTOR.

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