Thursday, June 13, 2024

India’s Airports Embrace Sustainability: 55 Achieve Full Renewable Power

By Staff Correspondent

India’s aviation industry has reached a significant milestone in a substantial shift towards a greener future, with 55 airports nationwide now deriving 100% of their energy consumption from renewable sources. The Minister of State in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Gen. (Dr) V. K. Singh (Retd), announced the progress on Thursday (3 August) during a session in Lok Sabha.

As part of the country’s broader commitment to environmental stewardship, 86 Indian airports are currently utilising green energy. Singh said, “Out of these, the share of green energy in total energy consumption is 100% for 55 airports.”

Carbon Reduction Targets

The push towards sustainable aviation forms part of India’s broader strategy to reduce carbon emissions, principally driven by conventional energy sources. The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has dramatically emphasised the transition from non-renewable energy to green alternatives, substantially lessening the industry’s carbon footprint.

Singh noted that using conventional energy sources is the principal cause of carbon emissions at airports. Consequently, the replacement with green power plays a pivotal role in achieving the reduction targets.

“All operational airports with scheduled operations and developers of the upcoming Greenfield Airports have been advised to work towards achieving Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero,” Singh stated, outlining MoCA’s policy direction.

International Momentum

The transformation is not confined to India alone. The global trend towards renewable and green energy is manifest across many international airports. Success stories include those in Heathrow, Bristol, and London Gatwick in the United Kingdom and Amsterdam, Athens, Oslo, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, San Diego, Vancouver, and Sharjah.

These airports have attained Carbon Neutrality through various measures, with the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources being central to the achievement. The move resonates with the international community’s increasing urgency to address climate change, further underscoring the need for a holistic shift to sustainable practices.

The development in India’s airports could signal a turning point in the aviation industry’s approach to environmental sustainability. The commitment to renewable energy aligns India’s civil aviation sector with global best practices, placing the nation at the forefront of a significant worldwide trend. The progress sets a positive precedent for other emerging economies, demonstrating the viability of large-scale transitions to renewable energy within vital industries.

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