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BrahMos On Radar: Argentinian Defence Minister Meets BAPL CEO & MD During India Visit

By Staff Correspondent

Argentina is taking measured steps towards strengthening its defence capabilities, setting its sights on the BrahMos air-launched missile system – an outcome of an Indo-Russian joint venture. The country’s Defence Minister, Jorge Taiana, is in New Delhi for a four-day diplomatic visit.

During his visit, Taiana toured the BrahMos missile facilities and met with Atul Dinkar Rane, CEO and Managing Director of BrahMos Aerospace. The Argentinian Defence Minister expressed on Twitter, “I began a visit to India to hold a bilateral meeting with my peer Rajnath Singh and visit different industries for the Defense of this country. Today I was at the missile company BrahMos Missile, which develops missiles for ships, aircraft, and land vehicles.”

BAPL CEO & MD Atul Dinkar Rane showing Argentinian Defence Minister Jorge Taiana around BrahMos HQ: Image Courtesy: Twitter @JorgeTaiana

The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile has drawn considerable interest from many South American nations, such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The missile’s flexibility was on display at Brazil’s recent ‘LAAD’ defence expo, where it was the subject of inquiries by several regional delegations.

With a diverse array of launch platforms, from fighter jets to submarines, ships, and land-based systems, the BrahMos missile provides a versatile solution. It has proven its operational effectiveness in the Indian Armed Forces. Reports indicate that the BrahMos is currently undergoing additional tests to possibly extend its range from 290 kilometres to potentially 450 or even 600 kilometres.

Sources suggest Argentina’s interest in the BrahMos system could significantly solidify its defence posture. The officer outlined the strategic advantages of cruise missiles, highlighting their long-range precision strike capabilities, deterrence enhancement, and fast response times in critical situations.

The recent deal worth USD 375 million between BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited (BAPL) and the Philippines illustrates the worldwide demand for the advanced weapon system. The agreement, providing the Philippines Navy with three missile batteries, might potentially open avenues for further exports, subject to the completion of requisite intergovernmental procedures.

The BrahMos missile, a product of Indo-Russian collaboration, symbolises a high point of defence cooperation between the two countries. This partnership bears testament to the shared trust and expertise, fostering the development of forward-looking military technology. Argentina could draw upon this wealth of knowledge and experience to augment its defence mechanisms.

Argentina’s engagement with BrahMos Aerospace clearly signals its commitment to enhance its defence infrastructure. The ongoing discussions with Indian officials present promising prospects for future cooperation in this sector.

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