Wednesday, October 4, 2023

MRO Association Of India Gears Up For Its Annual Event ‘Aero MRO India A&D 2023’

By Staff Correspondent

The Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Association of India has announced the upcoming Aero MRO India A&D 2023 event in New Delhi on 21-22 November. With the theme of ‘Preparing for the New Horizon,’ the event aims to chart a course for the Indian MRO sector’s growth amid burgeoning opportunities.

The gathering comes at a pivotal juncture as India’s aviation industry is set to add 15 percent capacity annually, equivalent to 100 to 110 aircraft, and predicts a fleet close to 1,200 aircraft by 2027. Standing at the intersection of these developments, the MRO industry is poised to face new challenges and immense growth potential.

Celebrating its 12th year, the MRO Association of India has been instrumental in implementing policy changes to bolster the domestic MRO sector. The upcoming Aero MRO India A&D 2023 marks the 10th edition of India’s only MRO forum, attracting a wide range of domestic and international MRO companies.

Confirmed participants include US-based AMP Aero LLC as the Title Sponsor, Eagle Copters, Callington India, Heatcon Composite Systems, Liebherr Aerospace India, and AviOil, among others. The event is expected to facilitate discussions among various stakeholders, including government leaders, airlines, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), lease financing firms, aviation lawyers, supply chain firms, and many more.

The Indian Minister of Civil Aviation, Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, applauded the initiative, urging the MRO industry to seize the opportunities arising from the extensive induction of aircraft. He highlighted Prime Minister’s “Aatmirbhar Bharat” vision and urged the MRO sector to expand its capabilities, potentially through joint ventures with overseas counterparts.

The Minister also lauded the Indian MRO sector’s growth following a 25 percent GST reduction, from 113 MROs to 140 currently and called upon the industry to maximise its market potential, limited to 15-20 percent of the total turnover of nearly USD 2 billion.

Similarly, Civil Aviation Secretary Rajiv Bansal urged the MRO industry to enhance its capacities and capabilities in response to domestic demand and align with the spirit of Atma Nirbhar Bharat. He emphasised the need to establish a robust MRO facility within the country, curtailing the need to send aircraft overseas for maintenance, thereby saving time and costs.

The Indian MRO sector, currently worth an estimated USD 2 billion, is projected to double by 2031. This upward trajectory, powered by policies and initiatives to create capacities, remove bottlenecks and simplify processes, presents a unique opportunity for the industry to position itself globally while contributing to the country’s economic growth.

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