Thursday, June 13, 2024

India Procures Cutting-Edge GSAT 7B Satellite To Strengthen Army’s Communication Capabilities

By Staff Correspondent

India’s Defence Ministry has taken a proactive step towards enhancing the Army’s communication potential by securing a state-of-the-art communications satellite, the GSAT 7B, at a staggering cost of 29.63 billion rupees (U.S. $360.52 million). The satellite contract has been granted to the state-run NewSpace India Limited, the commercial entity of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), cementing India’s position as a major player in the global space industry.

The 5-ton geostationary satellite is scheduled to launch within the next three and a half years and is expected to bolster the Army’s mission-critical, beyond-line-of-sight communication capabilities. Operating at both X-band and Ku-band frequencies, this technologically advanced satellite will enable a network-centric warfare capability and provide a more reliable communication network for troops and materiel.

The GSAT 7B will significantly enhance the Army’s surveillance capabilities in contested border areas with China and Pakistan, augmenting India’s national security posture. The satellite is also anticipated to deliver an integrated communication platform for the Navy and Air Force, comprising two units for ground-based operations and the other in space.

As the primary contractor, NewSpace India will source various parts, subassemblies, and systems from domestic small and medium-scale enterprises, as well as start-ups, in a bid to further bolster India’s private space industry. This landmark development is expected to bolster India’s self-reliance in the space sector while strengthening its defence capabilities.

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