Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Eagle Services Asia Facility in Singapore Hosts RTX’s Pratt & Whitney Expansion Site

By Staff Correspondent

The ceremonial inauguration of a 48,000 square foot extension of its Singapore based engine centre, Eagle Services Asia (ESA), was announced by Pratt & Whitney, an RTX firm. This year, the plant will increase its GTF capacity by 66 percent.

The expansion is a clear indication of Pratt & Whitney’s dedication to expanding their industrial capacity via ongoing investments in strategic sites globally, which will enable them to better serve their clients, according to Shang Meleschi, VP of Aftermarket Operations – Asia Pacific and Türkiye. “We are bringing together talent from our engine centre, technologies from the Singapore Technology Accelerator and innovative practices from across Pratt & Whitney to improve MRO performance for our GTF fleet.”

The integration of robots, automation, and machine learning into the transformational technology insertion at both ESA locations aims to improve productivity, alleviate machine operator stress, and enhance safety for critical MRO activities.

Among these advancements are a robotic arm for installing and removing HPC bearing sleeves, a Receive-in-Check Cobot to supplement human inspectors’ tasks, and a completely automated method of stacking rotors for high-pressure compressors (HPCs).

The Pratt & Whitney GTF™ MRO network includes ESA, a partnership between SIA Engineering Company and Pratt & Whitney. More than 500 GTF engine overhauls have been done since the facility implemented GTF MRO capabilities in 2019.

In 2023, Pratt & Whitney made an announcement on the development of three GTF MRO facilities and the activation of six shops to accommodate the rising GTF fleet. Among the fifteen operational GTF MRO engine centres worldwide, seven are located in the Asia Pacific area. These include the following: ESA in Singapore, Korean Airlines in Korea, IHI and MHIAEL in Japan, MTU Maintenance Zhuhai and AMECO in China, and China Airlines in Taiwan. The target number of operational GTF MRO shops for the corporation is 19 by the year 2025.

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