Sunday, June 23, 2024

Deutsche Aircraft Starts Building The Final Assembly Line For The D328ecoTM Turbop

By Staff Correspondent

Deutsche Aircraft has initiated the necessary arrangements for the establishment of the new Final Assembly Line (FAL) at Leipzig/Halle Airport. With the assistance of local collaborators, the building site is now making its first advancements. Deutsche Aircraft has achieved a significant milestone in the D328eco program by making progress in the building of the new 40-seater turboprop in the Free State of Saxony.

Deutsche Aircraft celebrated the commencement of construction in Leipzig in May 2023, in the presence of federal and state collaborators. Subsequently, the groundwork for the building of the FAL has been established.

The German original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is presently making preparations for the upcoming stage of this enormous endeavour. Today, Thomas Kralinski, the State Secretary of the Saxon State Ministry for Economics, Labour and Transport, visited ILA 2024 in Berlin. During his visit, he met Nico Neumann, the Chief Operating Officer of Deutsche Aircraft, at the Deutsche Aircraft display. The purpose of their meeting was to discuss the current progress of the project.

Nico Neumann, the COO of Deutsche Aircraft, expressed his contentment with the ongoing advancements of the Final Assembly Line in Leipzig. Integrating the most recent industry standards is an essential component of our D328eco initiative. We are also making significant strides in training the 250 staff for commencing work at the site. The first round of staff has arrived, and we have commenced training for the Leipzig branch.

In addition, Thomas Kralinski, the State Secretary of Saxony, stated, “I am pleased to announce that the preparatory construction work at Leipzig/Halle Airport has officially started. The Saxon State Ministry for Economics, Labour and Transport is providing support for this project”. I hope that the new Leipzig hangar development goes well and quickly for Deutsche Aircraft and all of its partners.

The Final Assembly Line will be completely environmentally friendly. By implementing a photovoltaic system on the roof, the production process will be powered entirely by renewable energy, resulting in a carbon-neutral operation. Furthermore, by integrating cutting-edge heat pumps and energy storage systems, a self-sufficient electricity supply for the production line can be guaranteed. The design of the administration building incorporates environmentally friendly elements such as a green roof and a wood-concrete hybrid construction.

Deutsche Aircraft is also prioritizing digital processes and striving for a completely paperless production system. Utilizing automated and driverless transport systems, along with innovative IT solutions, will enhance both the efficiency and precision of production. This will result in the establishment of a state-of-the-art production facility and a highly appealing work environment.

The Final Assembly Line, along with the flight readiness hangar, logistics centre, and administration building, will span approximately 62,000 square meters. The goal is to manufacture forty-eight D328eco aircraft annually, which will result in the creation of 250 to 350 jobs in the region.

Committed to driving innovation and sustainability in aviation, Deutsche Aircraft and its partners have made a significant investment of over 100 million euros.

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