Sunday, June 23, 2024

India & Japan Strengthen Defence Ties, Eyeing China: Opportunities In New Domains Like Space & Cyber Cooperation Explored

By Staff Correspondent

During their 7th Defence Policy Dialogue, India and Japan reiterate their commitment to a robust defence partnership and explore avenues for further bilateral cooperation. With a focus on diversifying collaboration in emerging domains such as cyber, both nations aim to deepen their defence ties while closely monitoring China’s growing regional influence.

The high-level dialogue, co-chaired by India’s defence secretary Giridhar Aramane and Japan’s vice minister of defence for international affairs Oka Masami, underscores the importance of enhanced collaboration between their respective defence industries. Aramane extends an invitation to Japanese defence industries to explore investment opportunities in India, signaling a shared commitment to strengthening economic cooperation alongside strategic partnerships.

Masami presents updates from Japan’s recently released National Security Strategy and National Defence Strategy, highlighting the need to align defence policies with evolving regional and global security challenges, thus further cementing Japan’s role as a key player in the Indo-Pacific region.

As India and Japan continue to deepen their defence ties, explore new domains of cooperation, and pursue strategic partnerships, their joint efforts are expected to shape the geopolitical landscape in the region. With a keen eye on China’s growing influence, the India-Japan defence alliance is poised to play a significant role in promoting regional stability and security, while also fostering economic opportunities in the defence sector.

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