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HENSOLDT’s PrecISR: A Sensor Of Choice For Surveillance

By Staff Correspondent

HENSOLDT, the leading independent sensor house, has developed and launched an innovative airborne multi-mission surveillance radar which provides armed forces and border protection authorities with unprecedented situational awareness and extremely short reaction time.

The history and experience of HENSOLDT’s ISR radars traces back for more than 30 years. The first SAR radars (DO-SAR, ERS-1, X-SAR) were developed and tested in the mid-1980s. These products were developed for the German Federal Ministry of Defence.

In 2006, HENSOLDT started producing platform independent ISR radar called SMART Radar. With product enhancements and insertion of new technology like GaN modules, trendsetting digital receiver technology and compact Hardware packaging, a new, lightweight and competitive radar design was achieved in 2017. This was the birth of the PrecISR™1000.

Some of the unique features of this product are:

● Software defined Radar offers Maritime Search mode(s) or MMTI, ISAR, SAR (Strip and Spot) and Air to Air and GMTI/SMTI modes.
● GaN tiles based AESA Antenna
● Multichannel Processing
● Highly optimized for Size (75 cm 30 cm), Weight (< 60 Kg) and Power (1.4 kW). This makes it very easy to install for Retrofits and for new platforms
● Highly modular in nature and hence very easy to repair in field conditions.

From an operational point of view, customers require high performance in terms of range and detection capabilities fitting into their main mission envelope. Users also attach value to efficient maintainability and high MTBF figures. These concerns of efficiency are optimally addressed by PrecISR.

Firstly, the product translates tremendous progress regarding reduction of size, weight, space, power consumption and cooling into direct benefits for the customer. Secondly, the modular approach of the concept allows for the selection of a target-oriented tailored solution optimized to the platform, mission scenarios and budget.

The compact design of the PrecISR and the fact that all radar parts are located outside of the airframe, simplifies its airborne platform integration significantly compared to other radars. Due to its software-defined radar modes and electronic beam steering, PrecISR can fulfill different tasks virtually at the same time. It is able to detect, track and classify thousands of objects and thus can literally find the ‘needle in a haystack’.

Customer feedback world over on the design and performance of PrecISR has been very good. The technology behind the radar as well as its sleek and power-optimized design are widely appreciated. Software defined modes and ease of integration are also other plus points. They need only eight screws and two connectors. That’s it!

Solutions For Airborne Surveillance & Intelligence

The protection of national interests is a major concern for any sovereign country, which implies the control of borders as well as maritime, air and land spaces. To ensure this strategic mission, armed forces, intelligence and security agencies require efficient surveillance solutions to quickly establish and report a clear tactical situation of their areas of interest.


To fulfil this mission, NEXEYA, a HENSOLDT Company, developed a range of AIRBORNE ISR solutions based on its ARGOSIA Mission Management System. Together with battle-proofed sensors and equipment selected for their reliability and performances, ARGOSIA proposes many system configurations meeting the needs of Defence, Maritime and Overland Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue as well as IMINT and SIGINT missions.

This modular and multi-console system consists of the Mission Management System software ARGOSIA, which integrates an advanced digital cartography engine, a sensor-fusion algorithm and powerful decision-support tools that help optimize operator workload.

The ARGOSIA system includes ergonomic operator workstations for tactical situation display and sensors command and control together with radio communication devices.

ARGOSIA is a pre-integrated, sensor-agnostic solution, relying on a large array of sub-systems complying with the operational needs of the end-user:
▪ Maritime surveillance Radar and IFF interrogator
▪ Multi-spectral Electro-Optical tracking system for positive identification
▪ Automatic Identification System receiver for commercial traffic monitoring
▪ ELINT system for radar signals interception and emitter localization
▪ Radios HF, V/UHF, SatCom, Datalink LOS

NEXEYA’s ARGOSIA Maritime Surveillance Patrol version has already been successfully integrated into C-295 and CN-235 platforms, on domestic and export markets. It can be installed on any multi-role aircraft such as DO-228 MPA, Beechcraft King Air 350 or ATR-42/72.

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