Wednesday, May 29, 2024

HENSOLDT Launches New Airborne Multi-Mission Surveillance Radar To Enhance Situational Awareness

By Aritra Banerjee

Independent sensor company HENSOLDT has launched a new airborne multi-mission surveillance radar aimed at providing armed forces and border protection agencies with advanced situational awareness and fast reaction times.

With a long history of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) radar development dating back more than three decades, HENSOLDT is known for its innovative approach to the sector. The company’s first synthetic-aperture radar (SAR), including the DO-SAR, ERS-1, and X-SAR, were developed in the mid-1980s for the German Federal Ministry of Defence.
In 2006, HENSOLDT introduced the SMART Radar, a platform-independent ISR radar that has undergone several upgrades, including integrating GaN modules and compact hardware packaging. This eventually led to the creation of the PrecISR 1000 in 2017.

The PrecISR 1000 is notable for its software-defined radar, which offers Maritime Search, ISAR, SAR, Air-to-Air, and GMTI/SMTI modes. It also features a GaN-based AESA antenna, multichannel processing, and a highly optimised design that is both compact and lightweight while consuming minimal power.

According to HENSOLDT, the PrecISR’s compact design, modular approach, and software-defined radar modes make it a popular choice among customers looking for high performance, efficient maintainability, and high MTBF figures. Feedback on the PrecISR has been positive, with praise for its sleek design, optimised power consumption, and ease of integration. The company notes that integrating the PrecISR into airborne platforms is straightforward, requiring just eight screws and two connectors.

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