Friday, May 24, 2024

Principal Advisor, MoD, Lt Gen. VG Khandare (r.) Conducted a lecture on ‘Comprehensive National Security’ For Northern Command Leadership

By Aritra Banerjee

A lecture on ‘Comprehensive National Security’ was delivered by Lieutenant General VG Khandare (r.), the Principal Advisor to the Ministry of Defence, via video conference to the subordinate formations of the Northern Command headquarters. The lecture, which was broadcast live, was attended by Lt Gen. Upendra Dwivedi, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Northern Command, and senior officers of the command.

Lt Gen. Khandare (r.) emphasised that modern states face multiple challenges in various domains and that national security cannot be limited to using the state’s coercive power alone. He stated that addressing the drivers of illegal trades is crucial in effectively dealing with domestic and external threats. The Lieutenant General also stressed the importance of supporting the Make in India and the startup ecosystems.

The Principal Advisor to the MoD stressed the importance of civil-military cooperation and the need to integrate the two. He noted that the distinction between domestic and external security is becoming blurred in an increasingly globalised world.

The lecture emphasised the need for a comprehensive approach to security, which must be a continuous process at all levels in any defence setup. The operationally active command Northern Command found the lecture beneficial as it furthers the professional military education of its senior officers.

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