Friday, May 24, 2024

Virgin Atlantic Partners With Lovefly To Help Customers Beat Fear Of Flying

By Staff Correspondent

Virgin Atlantic has pledged to assist travellers in overcoming their fear of flying so they can explore the world, through an exciting new partnership with Lovefly.

With an estimated one in five suffering from a fear of flying, millions of people are missing out on travelling the world, exploring new destinations, and even visiting friends and family. Virgin Atlantic has partnered with Lovefly to empower everyone to tackle their fears and create incredible memories to last a lifetime.

The new collaboration with Lovefly will offer customers multiple paths to face their fears. Including, face to face courses, webinar courses, 30-day self-help programs, social media support groups and a free Lovefly podcast with hundreds of hours of content including episodes featuring Virgin Atlantic pilots, cabin crew and special assistance guests, as well as air traffic controllers and top tips from former nervous flyers, psychologists, and coaches.

Corneel Koster, Chief Customer & Operating Officer, Virgin Atlantic explains: “We’re thrilled to partner with Lovefly and offer an incredible opportunity to help anyone overcome their fears and take to the skies, preferably with Virgin Atlantic of course.

“Paul is the UK’s lead in the field of flying phobia and has helped over 30,000 reluctant flyers over the years. He knows our industry so well, having himself worked for Virgin Atlantic in the past making him perfectly placed to assist anyone who is fearful to take to the skies.

“Working alongside him are some of our people. Our fantastic pilots and cabin crew volunteer for Lovefly, using their expertise and reassuring knowledge to help travellers conquer their nerves and take on the world”.

Paul Tizzard, Co-founder, Lovefly says: “No-one is born with a fear of flying, but once the fear takes hold it can be hard to overcome and can interfere with life, not just in leisure but also in business opportunities.”

“However, if there is one thing I have learned after 25 years of helping nervous flyers, it is that anyone can beat their fear, at the right time and with the right help, to grasp every opportunity available to them.”

“We are delighted to be able to collaborate with Virgin Atlantic and offer our skills to assist people with the phobia, as they learn to thrive and truly overcome these obstacles.” Lovefly offers a variety of courses and free assistance exclusively for Virgin Atlantic customers.

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